Welcome, everyone!

This is my European Portuguese blog, “The EP Experience”. With it I’ll try to share a bit of the Portuguese language and culture with everyone who’s interested in it.

For now, the blog is divided in three large sections, which I’ll try to update regularly:

  1. Grammar Tips. The name is in the title – I will make a review of Portuguese language grammar from a European Portuguese perspective. If you have any suggestions about topics you’d like to see covered, let me know in the comments;
  2. EP Words of the Week. A biweekly rendezvous with Portuguese vocabulary, highlighting interesting words, including words which are different from BP;
  3. Portuguese Culture and Society. Cultural notes about Portugal – books, films, music, politics, news, social quirks; nothing is off limits to make sure you gain a better understanding of Portugal and its people!

Good readings/learnings,


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