EP word of the week (#8): Caraíbas

Known for its tropical weather, gorgeous beaches, and a rich, mixed tapestry of cultures, the Caribbean are one of the most celebrated tourist destinations worldwide, and while us Portuguese can’t really complain about our weather, the word [as] Caraíbas is enough to give us daydreams about sandy beaches lined with palm trees and a crystal-clear ocean nearby (something to help us get through our Winter blues).

Uma praia algures nas Caraíbas. A beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

If you talk to Brazilians, they’ll refer to this region as [o] Caribe, another EP vs. BP difference that might be important to keep in mind when talking to a Portuguese native speaker (in this case, notice how the BP word is singular and masculine, while the EP word is plural and feminine, important information when making adjustments regarding adjectives, articles, demonstratives, etc.).

Related words/useful sentences:

  • [a] República Dominicana: Dominican Republic
  • [a] palmeira: palmtree
  • [os] Piratas das Caraíbas: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • [o] recife: reef
  • [o] mergulho: dive (the act of jumping to the water) / diving (the act/sport of underwater diving)
  • [o] resort: tourist resort
  • beira-mar: seaside
  • No ano passado fui passar férias à República Dominicana. Last year I went to the Dominican Republic on vacation.
  • Quando for às Caraíbas, vou fazer mergulho num recife de coral. When I go to the Caribbean, I will dive in a coral reef.
  • Vão ficar no nosso resort (à beira-mar) por quantos dias? How many days will you [pl./formal] stay on your (seaside) resort?

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