EP word of the week (#13): frigorífico

To make a good, typical Portuguese dish, kitchens have to be stocked with fresh groceries and meats (obviously); where Brazilians use [a] geladeira and [o] refrigerador to refer to a fridge, in Portugal we use the word [o] frigorífico (in turn, this word is also used in Brazil, but only for large-scale industrial refrigerators, never for the household appliance).

In Portugal, the freezer part of a regular fridge is known as [o] congelador, while larger, separate freezers are known as [a] arca (frigorífica/congeladora), which are usually used to store food for longer times and at lower temperatures. A combo between frigorífico and arca frigorífica (usually with the fridge on top, and several freezer shelves on the bottom is known as [o] (frigorífico) combinado (lit. “combined”), since it allows people to have to best of both appliances with a vertical layout (a valuable asset in small apartments).

Related words/Useful sentences:

  • [a] comida: food
  • [o] frio: cold
  • [a] bebidas: drinks
  • guardar comida: to store food
  • estragar comida: to spoil food
  • [a] comida estragada: spoiled food
  • A comida e as bebidas são guardadas no frigorífico. Food and drinks are stored in the fridge.
  • Vou deixar o peixe congelado na arca para não se estragar. I’ll leave the frozen fish on the freezer so that it doesn’t get spoiled.
  • Quando tirei a carne do congelador, percebi que estava estragada. When I took the food out of the (fridge-top) freezer, I realized it was spoiled.

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