EP words of the week (#14): catorze / dezasseis / dezassete / dezanove

The differences between EP and BP are not crucial (the main essence is still there), but it’s in the little details that change on the trip across the Atlantic that lie the key to mastering both (or at least not mixing yourself when trying to speak and/or write in one of the variants).

Not even numbers survive the cut; the brunt of the differences before we reach the billions are the troubled teenage years, since 141617 e 19 are spelled differently in each variant:

  • 14: Catorze (EP) > Quatorze or Catorze (BP)
  • 16: Dezasseis (EP) > Dezesseis (BP)
  • 17: Dezassete (EP) > Dezessete (BP)
  • 19: Dezanove (EP) > Dezenove (BP)

On Sunday I’ll bring you the differences concerning the -illion numbers past the million stage, together with an added explanation about the different numerical scales used in both countries: as you’ll see, a billion in Portugal is not the same as a billion in Brazil!

Related words/Useful sentences:

  • [a] calculadora: calculator
  • [o] número: number
  • [a] adolescência: adolescence (i.e. teenage years)
  • [a/o] adolescente: teenager
  • Tenho dezasseis anos, logo sou um adolescente. I’m sixteen years old, therefore I am a teenager.
  • Fiz uma conta na calculadora. I made an operation on the calculator.
  • Dezassete e Dezanove são números primos. Seventeen and Nineteen are prime numbers.

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