EP word of the week (#20): realizador/a (de cinema)

[O] Cinema, commonly referred metonymically as [a] Sétima Arte (“the seventh art”, a term first used by early 20th century film theoretician Ricciotto Canudo, and common in the Press in the Old World) is a very important industry in Portugal: while Portuguese cinematic output is relatively scarce (especially in comparison to Hollywood and world cinema imports), both Lisbon and Porto are several cinemas that provide access to blockbusters, indie films and oldies alike.

Of those, I would highlight [a] Cinemateca Portuguesa, which shows classic films for a fraction of the value paid for a ticket at a commercial  (3,20 € for one film ticket, with discounts for students, people over the age of 65, and the unemployed; prices in commercial venues over around the 5-7 € range). It’s relatively close to our downtown (on a street adjacent to our Avenida da Liberdade); if you happen to be around and are a fan of good cinema (I’ve watched Casablanca, Hiroshima, Mon Amour, and La Dolce Vita there – just to name a few), feel free to check it out (from Mondays to Saturdays, except in August when it closes for the summer) and/or mention it to your friends and family who may come to Lisbon on holiday: with government support dwindling, any extra income is important to make sure people have access to good cinema (:

All of this to say that film directors have different terms in EP and BP: over there they are called [o/a] diretor/a de cinema; in Portugal the term used is – you guessed it – [o/a] realizador/a (de cinema). As you can imagine, the verb to direct (a film) also changes to account for this difference: in BP it’s dirigir (um filme), in EP it’s realizar (um filme). Both variants share a second term for a filmmaker[o/a] cineasta.

Related words/Useful sentences:

  • [o] filme: film/movie
  • [o] cinema: film theatre/the movies
  • [o] a(c)tor: male actor
  • [a] a(c)triz: actress
  • [os] Óscares: Oscars (Academy Awards)
  • O realizador é uma peça fundamental de qualquer filme. The director is a key component of any film.
  • Os a(c)tores recebem instruções do realizador. The actors receive instructions from the director.

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