EP words of the week (#23): glaciar / geleira

This one is a funny bit of misdirection that creates not only EP vs. BP differences, but also an important EP vs. BP false friend. A month ago, I discussed the differences between fridges and coolers amongst the two variants; I stopped myself from going all-in and revealing that those are not the only differences among cooling appliances between them!

The words you see in the post title match the European Portuguese words for glacier ([o] glaciar) and coolbox ([a] geleira), also matching the order of the images I’ve pasted below. However – and this is where the false friend component enters the fray – the BP word for glacier is the exact same term as the EP word for coolbox[a] geleira, admittedly two very different ice containers (: I’ve placed the direct terms of comparison as subtitles to the photos to make sure you know which is which and to avoid any mistakes on your travels (that means geleiras are a big deal in beaches in the summer in Portugal, not so much in Brazil!).

Um glaciar (EP) = Uma geleira (BP)

Uma geleira (EP) = Uma caixa de gelo / caixa térmica | Um cooler (BP)

Related words/Useful sentences:

  • [a] água: water
  • [a] fruta: fruit
  • [o] gelo: ice
  • [a] praia: beach
  • [o] verão: Summer
  • Fiz uma viagem à Terra do Fogo há dez anos; lá, pude observar vários glaciares, papagaios do mar e até alguns pinguins! I took a trip to Tierra del Fuego ten years ago; [while] there, I was able to watch several glaciers, puffins and even some penguins!
  • Quando era criança, ajudava os meus pais a carregar a geleira sempre que íamos à praia. When I was a child, I used to help my parents carry the icebox whenever we went to the beach.
  • Em Portugal, é mais provável encontrarem-se geleiras do que glaciares. In Portugal, one is more likely to find iceboxes than glaciers.


2 thoughts on “EP words of the week (#23): glaciar / geleira

  1. Alex April 10, 2016 / 3:12 am

    “I was able to watch several glaciers, puffins and eat some penguins!”

    … you ate penguins?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • luisdomingos April 10, 2016 / 12:13 pm

      Haha! The sentence is 100% made up, but I thought I had written “even” (: I’ll correct it right away. Thanks for the feedback, Alex!


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