EP word of the week (#25): dobragem

The worst enemy of any foreign language learner, the dubbing of cultural imports from other countries is an activity that has an effective stronghold in Brazil (or should I say stranglehold?); in Portugal, only children’s shows are commonly dubbed: it’s certainly a different experience to feel yourself immersed from an early age in different languages: not only do subtitles ([as] legendas, both in BP and EP) allow you to keep engaged on your language and to test your reading skills, but they also allow you to immerse yourself in a different culture and language while engaging in various forms of entertainment.

All of this is meant to introduce today’s EP word of the week, [a] dobragem (or pluralized, [as] dobragens), a noun meaning “the dub” (the dubbing of any cultural product, replacing the original voice with a voice actor in the native language); in Brazil, the word used for the exact same idea is [a] dublagem. As you’d expect, the verbs that signal these activities are also different (matching each of the nouns they are associated with); dobrar [um filme, série de televisão, etc.] in EP, dublar in BP.


As a little side joke, I thought we could make a game out of this picture! In it there are three clues revealing which country it was broadcast in! The first person to figure out all three (+ naming the country) will receive a very special prize – a sneak peek into my ideas for the blog going forward!

Good luck to you all – I look forward to taking a look at your answers to this very Portuguese riddle! (The prize has already been awarded! For those wondering what the answers were, just check the comments!)

Related words:

  • [a] legenda: subtitle
  • [a] legendagem: subtitling (the act of placing subtitles on a given cultural product)
  • [a] cultura: culture
  • [o] DVD [each word read individually, i.e., dê-vê-dê]: DVD


4 thoughts on “EP word of the week (#25): dobragem

  1. Alex April 16, 2016 / 12:54 pm

    I got two of the clues, no idea about the third.

    It’s from Portugal.

    1 – TV station logo in the corner – RTP 2 is a Portuguese channel

    2 – Multibancos – a Portuguese interbank network

    3 – ???


    • luisdomingos April 16, 2016 / 1:43 pm

      Clue: try reading the whole thing again, that usually helps clear things up (:


  2. vivitafibiga April 16, 2016 / 3:54 pm

    Hello! The first two things are as Alex is saying on the first post, and the third thing is that in Portugal (the country where this was broadcasted) TV channels put legendas/subtitles, allowing the viewer hear the original and read translated version. Meanwhile in Brazil the voices in this cartoon would be translated in Portuguese and there would be no subtitles.


    • luisdomingos April 16, 2016 / 4:37 pm

      Hello! First of all, thank you for following the blog (: Regarding your answer, that’s exactly right: the subtitles were the hidden-in-plain-sight clue I was looking for!

      You’ll receive an email from the blog’s account (theepexperience@gmail.com) in the next few days with a few of my plans for the blog going forward.

      Thank you for participating, and good luck with your studies (:


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