EP words of the week (#30): mamã / papá

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day ([o] Dia da Mãe) in Portugal (it always falls on the First Sunday of May; in Brazil it’s celebrated on the Second Sunday of the same month, just like in the United States). After [o/a] bebé, it just feels right to note the differences between EP and BP in the words for mom and dad (Father’s Day – [o] Dia do Pai – is celebrated on March 19th every year).

While both European and Brazilian Portuguese share the same words for father and mother – [o] pai and [a] mãe, respectively – they have different ways of saying the words for dad/daddy and mom/mommy (that is, the more informal, familiar versions of pai and mãe). In Portugal, the words are [o] papá and [a] mamã; in Brazil, [o] papai and [a] mamãe, respectively.

After the jump, there’s a sample of a children’s book so that you can test your EP skills! I hope you enjoy it!



Images taken from Minutos de Leitura (a children’s books web retailer)




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