EP word of the week (#31): brócolos

We’re halfway through Spring (and it’s finally starting to feel like it too – yesterday the temperatures reached 31 °C / ~88 °F in Lisbon), so it makes sense to celebrate the differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese in the natural world that comes in bloom in the season (some of these products may not be in season right now, but it’s the thought that counts).

We start this tour with a word so green it’s usually used as a byword for all vegetables: yup, Portuguese has two different words for broccoliBP uses [os] brócolis, while EP uses the word [os] brócolos. What a difference a letter makes, right?


It’s important to stress the fact that both words are pluralia tantummeaning they should preferrably only be used in the plural, hence why I’ve written os between brackets – some people may use the singular form in daily speech (either for a broccoli arm or the whole bud), but that’s grammatically incorrect.



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