EP words of the week (#37): esferovite

Oftentimes, brand names for synthetic products vary from country to country (see article about taparueres). This makes for interesting terms that you’re so used to hearing that you don’t even consider there may be distinctions between variants on this matter as well.

Such is the case of polystyrene ([o] poliestireno), specially its trademark form of styrofoam (polysterene foam, either used as blocks to provide insolation to heavy or fragile loads or as the material using to make disposable food containers). In Portugal, its trademarked generic name is [o/a] esferovite (different people use a different gender; when in doubt, use the feminine article). In Brazil, the common term is [o] isopor, which works for both the material and the recipients (also known as [a] quentinha, lit. “hot one”).

In Portugal, [o/a] esferovite works only for the material (or the insulating blocks when viewed as such); to make things clearer, you can and should use [o] bloco de esferovite (block) or [a] caixa de esferovite (container).


Related words:

  • [a] entrega: delivery
  • [o] restaurante: restaurant
  • frágil: fragile


One thought on “EP words of the week (#37): esferovite

  1. edmeyr June 4, 2016 / 1:53 am

    Isopor! Eu tinha esquecido dessa palavra…sempre me parecia que uma metade da população andava com uma caixa em isopor vendendo cerveja, agua, etc enquanto a outra metade comprava. Agradeço pela lembrança!

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