EP word of the week (#39): agrafador

The differences between EP and BP are quite pervasive, especially when you realize that most of them come from too-mundane things you use a lot but don’t usually thing much about, that is, unless you’re forced to recognize them when faced with that dissonance between your experience and that of others (I made this same point a week ago when talking about [a/o] esferovite).

Consider office supplies; they’re so commonplace that you probably don’t really think about them all that much – they just are what they are. To me, the idea of a stapler was always intrinsically associated with the word [o] agrafador, and the idea that Brazilians may have a different term for it never really crossed by mind (being somewhat exposed to a few Brazilian cultural products/exports can lull you into a false sense of security when it comes to knowing the main vocabulary differences between the two variants). As it turns out, they do! In Brazil, the word used is [o] grampeador.


It follows that the noun staple and the verb to staple are also different, but congruent with the information provided by the tool: [o] agrafo / agrafar in EP; [o] grampo grampear in BP.


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