EP word of the week (#44): paragem

Here we stand, on the last stop of Words of the Week before the Summer Solstice. And today, the topic I’ve chosen is, in its own roundabout way, a retrospective on a series of posts I’ve written about modes of public transportation.

Today, stop is the key noun: here I’m thinking about the designated places/shelters where people wait for buses/trams|streetcars. In Portugal, the word used is [a] paragem [de autocarro/elé[c]trico], while in Brazil the most common word is [a] parada [de ônibus] (also [o] ponto); over here, we only use the [a] parada with other meanings (including “military parade“).

Paragem de autocarro em Lisboa. Bus stop in Lisbon

As you can see, both words are associated with the verb parar (to stop); their usage is so widespread that it has infiltrated other realms: for example, the word for cardiac [cardiopulmonary] arrest (since it’s a stop in blood circulation, and therefore affects the flow of blood to the heart and lungs) is known as [a] paragem cardiorespiratória in EP, but [a] parada cardiorespiratória in BP.

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