EP word of the week (#49): Andrómeda (e outras constelações)

Stargazing is one of my absolute favourite pastimes: it combines a wealthy mix of being in contact in nature, quiet introspectiveness, the need for a keen eye and observation skills, and an interesting historical/mythological background that I always found interesting – basically how humans always seem keen to put meaning into everything, even random star shapes, and makes stories about them. All in all, I always found peace when looking at the wonders of the sky (usually, but not necessarily, at night), and it’s an activity that still gives me pleasure whenever I have a chance to do it.

Portugal has some of the best skies for this kind of activity – there are even specialized tours to relatively remote locations where you’re able to see the sky free from the light and air pollution of the big cities, so it’s always important to know your constellations and planets if you’re an aficionado!

A constelação Andrómeda. The constellation Andromeda.

Today’s post will follow the same pattern as the one I’ve written last May about chemical elements; I’ll list all 88 modern constellations sequentially (in alphabetical order, based on their official names (as established by the International Astronomical Union, IAU) and their EP and BP translations. A post about planets will follow on Saturday!

Constellation name (meaning) European Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese
Andromeda Andrómeda Andrômeda
Antlia (air pump) [a] Máquina Pneumática [a] Bomba de Ar
Apus (bird-of-paradise) [a] Ave-do-Paraíso [a] Ave do Paraíso
Aquarius Aquário
Aquila (eagle) [a] Águia
Ara (altar) [o]  Altar
Aries (ram) [o] Carneiro Áries
Auriga (charioteer) [o] Cocheiro
Boötes (herdsman) [o] Boieiro [o] Pastor or [o] Boieiro
Caelum (chisel) [o] Buril or [o] Cinzel [o] Buril de Escultor
Camelopardalis (giraffe) [a] Girafa
Cancer (crab) [o] Caranguejo Câncer
Canes Venatici (hunting dogs) [os] Cães de Caça
Canis Major (greater dog) [o] Cão Maior
Canis Minor (lesser dog) [o] Cão Menor
Capricornus (sea goat) [o] Capricórnio
Carina (keel) [a] Quilha or [a] Querena [a] Quilha
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
Centaurus (centaur) [o] Centauro
Cepheus Cefeu
Cetus (sea monster, whale) [a] Baleia
Chamaeleon (chameleon) [o] Camaleão
Circinus (compass, a drawing tool) [o] Compasso
Columba (dove) [a] Pomba
Coma Berenices (Berenice’s hair) [a] Cabeleira de Berenice [a] Cabeleira
Corona Australis (southern crown) [a] Coroa Austral
Corona Borealis (northern crown) [a] Coroa Boreal
Corvus (crow) [o] Corvo
Crater (cup) [a] Taça
Crux (Southern Cross) [o] Cruzeiro do Sul
Cygnus (swan) [o] Cisne
Delphinus (dolphin) [o] Golfinho [o] Delfim
Dorado (dolphinfish, swordfish) [o] Espadarte (swordfish) [o] Dourado (dolphinfish, mahi-mahi)
Draco (dragon) [o] Dragão
Equuleus (colt, foal) [o] Potro or [o] Cavalinho (both meaning colt) [a] Cabeça de Cavalo (horse’s head)
Eridanus (mythological river) Erídano Eridano
Fornax (furnace) [a] Fornalha [o] Forno
Gemini (twins) [os] Gémeos [os] Gêmeos
Grus (crane, a bird) [o] Grou
Hercules Hércules
Horologium (pendulum clock) [o] Relógio
Hydra [a] Hidra or [a] Hidra Fêmea [a] Cobra Fêmea
Hydrus (lesser hydra) [o] Hidro or [a] Hidra Macho [a] Cobra Macho
Indus (Indian, i.e. Native American) [o] Índio
Lacerta (lizard) [a] Lagartixa [o] Lagarto
Leo (lion) [o] Leão
Leo Minor (lesser lion) [o] Leão Menor
Lepus (hare) [a] Lebre
Libra (scales) [a] Balança [o] Libra
Lupus (wolf) [o] Lobo
Lynx (lynx) [o] Lince
Lyra (lyre/harp) [a] Lira
Mensa (Table Mountain) [a] Montanha da Mesa
Microscopium(microscope) [o] Microscópio
Monoceros (unicorn) [o] Unicórnio
Musca (fly, an insect) [a] Mosca
Norma (carpenter’s level) [a] Régua
Octans (octant) [o] Oitante or [o] Octante
Ophiuchus (serpent-bearer) [o] Ofiúco or [o] Serpentário [o] Caçador de Serpentes
Orion Órion or Orionte
Pavo (peacock) [o] Pavão
Pegasus Pégaso
Perseus Perseu
Phoenix (phoenix) [a] Fénix [a] Fênix
Pictor (easel) [o] Cavalete or [o] Pintor [o] Cavalete do Pintor
Pisces (fish, pl.) [os] Peixes
Piscis Austrinus (southern fish) [o] Peixe Austral
Puppis (poop deck) [a] Popa or [a]  [a] Popa
Pyxis (mariner’s compass) [a] Bússola
Reticulum (reticle) [o] Retículo
Sagitta (arrow) [a] Flecha or [a] Seta [a] Flecha
Sagittarius (archer) [o] Sagitário
Scorpius (scorpion) [o] Escorpião
Sculptor [o] Escultor
Scutum (shield) [o] Escudo de Sobieski [o] Escudo
Serpens (snake) [a] Serpente
Sextans (sextant) [o] Sextante
Taurus (bull) [o] Touro
Telescopium (telescope) [o] Telescópio
Triangulum (triangle) [o] Triângulo
Triangulum Australe (southern triangle) [o] Triângulo Austral
Tucana (toucan) [o] Tucano
Ursa Major (great bear) [a] Ursa Maior
Ursa Minor (lesser bear) [a] Ursa Menor
Vela (sails of a ship) [a] Vela (sail, sing.)
Virgo (virgin, maiden) [a] Virgem
Volans (flying fish) [o] Peixe Voador
Vulpecula (small fox) [o] Raposinho (small fox) [a] Raposa (fox)

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