EP words of the week (#50): Vénus / Úrano / Neptuno

As promissed last Wednesday, today’s Word of the Week focuses on the “wanderers” of the sky, the planets of our solar system!

Of the eight (formerly nine) recognized planets, only three have different spelling between EP and BP, respectively: VénusVênusÚrano / UranoNeptuno / Netuno. Since the names aren’t radically different from their Latin (and English) counterparts, I don’t believe I need to match them for you to understand what planets I’m talking about (:

The other planets are, in order from the sun: Mercúrio[a] TerraMarteJúpiter, and SaturnoPluto, the famously demoted dwarf planet, is known as Plutão in both variants.

Please notice the lack of articles on all planets but the Earth; similar to what happens in English, only our blue marble is paired with an actual article to mark its definiteness. That said, that doesn’t mean the planets don’t actually have a grammatical gender (all nouns do in the Portuguese language): all planets except the Earth are grammatically masculine (because the word for planet, [o] planeta, is too – it works through inference), so all adjectives used in reference to them should be masculine as well.

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