EP word of the week (#54): folhado de salsicha

There are a variety of snacks who are sold at tascas and snack bars; some of them are savoury, others sweet.

In Portugal, we’re quite fond of [o] folhado de salsicha, which is the local term for pigs in blankets/pigs in a blanket[o] folhado is the noun used for any bite-sized snack made out of puff pastry ([a] massa folhada), while [a] salsicha is the Portuguese word for sausage.

In Brazil, these savoury treats are called [o] enrolado de salsicha (sausage roll).


Notice again how the attributive/partitive noun doesn’t have any definiteness; when we say something is made of something else, that last noun doesn’t carry an article (meaning it’s preceded by de, not do or da):

  • Ontem comi um folhado de salsicha. I ate a pig in a blanket yesterday.
  • Ontem fiz um folhado da salsicha que tinha sobrado do jantar. Yesterday, I made/baked a pig in a blanket from/out of the sausage left over from dinner.

In this second sentence, the referent to the pastry is just [o] folhado (with the information about its content – de salsicha – being implied by the rest of the information); da salsicha… is an instrumental object (answers the question with what? from/out of what?), which is defining either one specific [or single] sausage you used, or a specific batch of sausages¹. In any case, here da (de+a) would probably have been written/said with com [with] to avoid confusion.

¹ Using salsicha in the singular for a group is less common – since it would effectively turn sausage into an uncountable noun – but that’s always a possibility when talking about meals or foodstuffs in bulk or generic terms – for example:

  • O bacalhau estava muito bom. The cod [i.e. the portion that I ate] was really good/tasty.

Other savoury snacks found in Portugal:

  • [o] rissol (plur. [os] rissóis): half moon-shaped pastry usually filled with fish (tuna, cod, salmon, etc.), shrimp or minced meat, then deep fried
  • [o] pastel de bacalhau (plur. [os] pastéis de bacalhau): deep fried balls or quenelles of a codfish, grated potatoes, egg and coriander mixture
  • [o] croquete (de carne): minced meat croquettes
  • [a] empada: meat or fish pie with a crumbly crust; when small, also known as [a] empadinha (a diminutive)



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