EP word of the week (#64): pôr do sol

Since we’re a day away from the September equinox and the traditionally marked end of summer, I thought it would be fitting to end this voyage through Summer-inspired words with another beautiful symbol of cycles and waning: I’m talking about sunsets, of course!

In Portuguese, the word for sunset is [o] pôr do sol; it used to be hyphenated in EP ([o] pôr-do-sol), but it lost it with the new Spelling Reform; many people still write it with hyphens, though, and some dictionaries like Priberam’s maintain that we should still write it with hyphens post-Reform; in any case, that’s probably one of the pickiest examples of “changes” you can find in the Reform: was it really necessary to tell us how to connect compound words? It all just seems a little bit superfluous.

This pôr is the verb pôr (to place, to set) turned into a compound noun; just like in English, it associates sundown with a setting [to put something down, to rest] of the Sun on the horizon. The plural of pôr do sol is pores do sol.


Related words:

  • [o] nascer do sol: sunrise (pl. [os] nasceres do sol)
  • [o] horizonte: horizon
  • [o] outono: Autumn/Fall

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