EP word of the week (#67): pequeno-almoço

As we dive further and further into October, one of the most striking reminders that we’re now deep into Autumn is the dwindling light; the change is obviously not as stark as the one you see at higher latitudes, but it’s just as relevant because 1) most people don’t know about those more extreme cases and end up drawing comparisons only between the realities that they do know; 2) this continuous change presents itself in the 6-8 am timeframe, the time when most people with day jobs wakes up and starts their day.

For example, on July 12th the sun rose in Lisbon at 06:22 am (from a peak of 06:11 am in mid-June); today it rose at 07:43 am.

This long, boring introduction was meant to make you excited/hungry for breakfast, which makes up today’s word of the week! In Portugal, we can it [o] pequeno-almoço (which means “small lunch”, much like the French petit déjeuner); in Brazil, it is known as [o] café da manhã (lit. “morning’s coffee”), while in Portuguese-speaking Africa people prefer the term [o] mata-bicho (lit. “kill-bug”, a metaphor for how breakfast helps end your sleeptime fasting and stop the rumblings of your stomach).



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