EP word of the week (#79): Janeiras

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you had some good New Year’s Eve celebrations and that the New Year is treating you well! I’m already back to work after a few short days in Portugal, but I’m feeling great: the blog is about to have its first anniversary (in great part thanks to you – I wouldn’t feel so compelled to keep going without your feedback) and there’s always new things you can learn.

Today’s Word of the Week is a reflection of this: as Janeiras is the EP word for a special Portuguese tradition: singing songs at people’s homes wishing them a happy new year. These were much more common a few generations ago (since there are also religious connotations to the songs, and the groups that caroled them are usually organized by churches). They usually lasted from the 1st of January to King’s day (the 6th), but in some areas they last the whole month.

As you probably figured out, Janeiras comes from the Portuguese word for January, Janeiro.

Here’s one example of cantar as Janeiras (to sing the Janeiras):

I hope you continued following the blog in 2017! See you next week with more European Portuguese words and oddities :D

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