EP word of the week (#80): aplicação

To continue the New Year theme, I thought today I could talk about something just as new – different translation of neologisms between European and Brazilian Portuguese.

Today’s word of the week – [a] aplicação is the EP translation of the English word app; the noun itself isn’t new: aplicação means application, the noun associated with the verb aplicar (to apply, to put into use, to use). It’s also quite common to say [a] app when you’re talking about mobile apps; in writing people may differenciate between this and other types of applications by writing [a] aplicação móvel, but [a] app is the most common word in speech.


Brazilian Portuguese uses a different word, [o] aplicativo. Notice the article in brackets – both words are related to aplicar, but they have different genders. This is something that happens quite a lot in any gendered language: families of words will have nouns from different genders, so it’s up to you to know the gender of the words, even in the cases where none can be fathomed from the word itself :)

If you want to find out more about Portuguese word gender in the world of Tech, you can read the article I wrote about it a few months ago.

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