EP words of the week (#86): Arménia / arménio/a

Not far away from Israel, another country suffers from a much normal malaise among EP vs. BP comparative scholars: the old issue of the stressed e followed by n, which yields the open é in EP and the closed ê in BP (if you want to catch up on this pattern, check the entries for Polóniaténis, and Mónica with o).

The country is – as I’m sure you’ve guessed it by its similarities with the English version – Armenia; Arménia in EP and Armênia in BP, with the same change afecting the associated adjectives – [o/a] arménio/a in EP and [o/a] armênio/a in BP.

A bandeira da Arménia é vermelha, azul e laranja. The flag of Armenia is red, blue, and orange.

I haven’t touched upon the issue of capitals that much, but Yerevan is one of the cases where we can also have different spellings/pronunciations: in proper EP we use the forms ErevãErevan (based on the transliteration of the name from Armenian), while BP tends to prefer Ierevã or Ierevan (which is closer to the proper Armenian pronunciation).

Portuguese words don’t generally end in -n (and when they do we turn these sounds into nasals, so even borrowings like écran become [o] ecrã after a while), but in the names of cities they tend to be kept or at least tolerated (unless you check to a style guide or a specialized grammar, which may be stricter / have their own set of rules).

Have a great week, see you next Wednesday!

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