EP word of the week (#87): Gronelândia / gronelandês

From the Middle East and the Caucasus we turn to the northwest, to the largest island in the Atlantic: Greenland! While it may not come up often in conversation or even on the news, I find it curious that EP and BP found different ways of saying Greenland and greenlandic.

In European Portuguese, the two words are written as in the title: [a] Gronelândia and [o] gronelandês (in reference to the language and a male Greenlander; the feminine adjective/noun is [a] gronelandesa).

In Brazilian Portuguese, the words used are [a] Groenlândia (sometimes [a] Groelândia) and [o] groenlandês [a] groenlandesa, respectively.

Uma paisagem gronelandesa. [A] Greenlandic landscape.

If you ever travel to Greenland (possibly from Copenhagen – don’t forget the Portuguese word for it also changes between variants), now you’ll be able to tell your Portuguese and Brazilian friends how it went!

As you can see from the pic above, it’s a really gorgeous place (and with climate change affecting it so much, its landscapes are not just worth knowing but also preserving and protecting).

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