EP word of the week (#95): ginásio

Spring is now full swing all around temperate climates in the Northern Hemisphere, and I can’t find a better time to start doing some exercise! I very much prefer outdoor activities, particularly tennis, but doing some cardio at the gym has never hurt anyone (unless you’re lazy like me – then it hurts you quite a lot).

Well, awkward revelations aside, let’s say going to gym is also a different experience on both sides of the Lusophone Atlantic (and not just because it’s Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere!); yes, you’ve guessed it already, we have two different words for gym! In Portugal, you can call them [o] ginásio or [o] clube de fitness; in Brazil, the common terms are [a] academia or [a] academia de ginástica.

Pessoas a fazer exercício no ginásio. People working out at the gym.


In Portugal, [a] academia is only used in the sense of academy (a specialized school), and also as a mass noun related to the body of academics in a given scientific field.

So, don’t forget to remember these words when you go to the gym in Portugal or in Brazil (as one does), or if you just want to humblebrag a bit to your Lusophone friends!

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