EP words of the week (#97): baloiço / balancé

Today’s EP word of the week is all about nostalgia! Unless you still use swings on a regular basis – I won’t judge; some parks are built with adults in mind too – it’s probably something you remember fondly from your youth! I was never a big fan of swings (always too afraid to fall), but I obviously recognize how fun they are :)

In European Portuguese, any kind of swing is known as [o] baloiço; in Brazilian Portuguese, the preferred word is [o] balanço. In EP, the latter means swing in the sense of motion (the sway of something back and forth, like a boat), rhythm (as song or dance’s groove); tomar balanço means to swing your body before starting a run (“to gain momentum” in English).

I’ve heard some people use [o] balanço in Portugal, so it could be a regionalism somewhere. I wouldn’t use it as much because it’s too similar to [o] balancé, our word for seesaw/teeter-totter. In Brazil, they use [a] gangorra – a word I’d never heard before until I started preparing this article!

What were your favourite playground games/equipment? Do you know their names in (European Portuguese)? Do you have any funny stories you’d wanna share, preferrably in Portuguese? Please share those with us!

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