EP words of the week (#111): lotaria / Euromilhões

August is the month most Portuguese people choose to have their summer vacations ([as] férias de verão) on; this means that, for once, we also get to enjoy the good weather and general relaxation mode that tourists are allowed to get a taste of all year round, and we obviously try to make the most of it! :D

Today’s Words of the week is not necessarily connected to vacations, but it would certainly be a good way to get the necessary funds to make a great vacation happen! Тhese are the words for lottery, [a] lotaria (in Brazilian Portuguese, [a] loteria) and [o] Euromilhões, a specific transnational lottery in Western Europe (see Euromillions on Wikipedia to learn more about it); Portuguese people are quite keen on playing these kind of games, always in hopes of getting one of the big prizes while would finally allow most of us to enjoy the things money affords!

Portuguese national lottery ([a] lotaria nacional) tickets are commonly also works of art in their own right. As you can see below, some special events or national holidays make for commemorative lottery drawings and special tickets (here, in commemoration of [o] 25 de abril, with the carnations in full display).

Notice also the two currencies in the upper right corner. This ticket is from 2000, the period immediately before the introduction of the euro (€) as a common currency. While people couldn’t yet pay with euros at this point (the currency was introduced to the general public in 1st January 2002), the double label in this period served as a teaching opportunity to the public – helping them understand the conversion rates in real life before they had contact with the actual Euro coins and banknotes.

Other specific lottery games include [a] Raspadinha (a scratcher ticket), [o] Totoloto (similar to Euromillions, but with less money on offer) and [o] Totobola (Football bets).

To do have anything similar in your country? Do people there generally have a good relationship with these kinds of games – are they avid players too? Please let me know in the comments!

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