EP word of the week (#114): pano da loiça

Today, on EP Word of the Week, it’s time to get dirty! And by that, I mean “let’s find something dirty to clean”, because this week’s word is all about cleaning! (I’m sorry, I know these first paragraphs to introduce the topic are getting lamer by the second – you should always feel free to skip the first paragraph of this segment, the good stuff usually only starts afterwards)

So, let me introduce you to the European Portuguese word for washcloth[o] pano da loiça[a] loiça (sometimes louça) is a general term for “the dishes” (plates, glasses, cutlery, everything you need to prepare, cook, serve and eat food); it may also be used as a material, in which case it is almost always referring to porcelaine/china. Lavar a loiça is to wash the dishessecar a loiça to dry the dishes[a] máquina de lavar loiçadishwasher, and so on.

[o] Pano is the word for a cloth of any kind. For example, [o] pano do pó is a dustcloth. In Brazil, the preferred term for washcloth is [o] pano de prato[o] prato being the all-around Portuguese word for plate.

Let me know if you have any questions on the comments!

Until next time, have a greet week, and good luck with your studies (:

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