EP-English False Friends

As you can see, I’ve created a new page under Words of the Week which is meant as a repository of EP-English false friends. There are obviously a lot more than the ones you see now, but the list will be enlarged with time.

I’d also love if this could be a group effort; I’m sure you’ve all ran into certain false friends in the past during your studies, so you can pitch in with a few new word pairs in the comments (words from all variants of English are allowed; only words otherwise known in Portugal, the PALOP or East Timor will be accepted).

  • Abstra(c)to (adj.): abstract, conceptual (abstract [n.] = [o] resumo)
    • arte abstra(c)ta: abstract art
    • resumo de um artigo cient
  • A(c)tual: present, current (actual = real, verdadeiro)
    • notícias atuais: current news
    • atualizar: to update (i.e. to bring up to date, to make current)
  • Amassar: to knead [dough], to bash (to amass = acumular, juntar)
  • [a] Arma: gun (arm = [o] braço; army = [o] exército)
  • [o] Cargo: job, position, post (cargo [i.e. load] = [a] carga)
  • [o] Cigarro: cigarette (cigar = [o] charuto)
  • [a] Oficina: workshop (office = [o] escritório)


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