Grammar Tips

Here you’ll find links to all Grammar Tips posts, which are meant to be concise explanations on certain issues/questions regarding Portuguese grammar. They’ll be uploaded as soon as I write them, meaning there won’t be a fixed schedule for when to expect one.

  1. Uses of the c-cedilla (ç) and c 

  2. Tricky endings for the same sound: ão or am?

  3. Sounds of g and j

  4. Sounds of s

  5. Sounds of x

  6. The letter h in EP

  7. Homographs, homophones, homonyms, and paronyms

  8. Collective/Group nouns

  9. Untangling nested possessives

  10. Gender in tech words and the Internet

  11. Adjective placement

Special Series – Turning English words into Portuguese:

  1. Nouns

  2. Adjectives

  3. Greek & Latin suffixes

  4. Spelling changes cheat sheet

Special Series – Personal pronouns in EP

  1. Subject pronouns (Tu vs. Você; Nós vs. A gente; Vocês vs. Vós)

  2. Object pronouns (direct / indirect object; caveats and introduction to pronoun placement in EP)

  3. Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns

  4. Prepositional pronouns

Grammar Tips from Ask Luís!:

  1. Levar vs. Trazer

  2. Uses of the gerund in EP

  3. Using Tu vs. Você online (in EP)